a staylist for your business

A staylist is curated for an event or audience to provide real-time accommodation booking. Guests get to book something quickly with confidence. Hoteliers get a fairer way to sell more rooms. And the staylist owner reaps the rewards of affiliate income.


a staylist for your event

Whether you’re hosting, organising or attending an event, a staylist will simplify everyone’s search for available accommodation.

We integrate directly with leading hotel technology to ensure your staylist is packed with the most relevant places at the best prices.

What's more, you get a great mix of big hotels, little B&Bs, and everything inbetween.


a staylist for your audience

Staylists gives you the power to sell hotel breaks to your audience.

National brands, luxury niches, and destinations come to us to deliver powerful booking websites.

We'll build a beautiful site to fit your brand, cram it full of the right properties, and divide the booking commission with you.

It couldn’t be easier to get started.

Why everybody's excited about Staylists

Convenience for Guests

Avoid endless searching by booking hotels and B&Bs recommended by the brands you trust or the events you're attending.

A Fair Deal for Hotels

A fairer commission rate than traditional OTAs. Fewer cancellations too, as guests have a reason to travel.

Partners Share Revenue

Earn affiliate income from the customers you already have. And learn more about them in the process.

Trusted by over 8,000 hotels

Proud Partners

Seamless Hotel Connectivity

and many more

Your business could use a Staylist

It’s time to work smarter and be rewarded for your efforts. Contact our helpful team today to see the value that Staylists will bring to your business.